16 October 2018
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Enjoy scenic destinations, cultural highlights and ultimate relaxation on a river cruise anywhere in the world.

When talking about cruises, most people think of huge luxury ships cruising untraveled waters in their search of tropical paradises, white beaches and complete relaxation. River cruises offer as much, if not more. Cruising by river will bring you to the most beautiful places, cultural towns and beautiful landscapes. On a river cruise you are treated with delicious food, fantastic rooms and great evening entertainment. On top of that you can regularly set foot on shore to explore the best holiday destinations in the world; river cruises are a very good and relaxed way of moving from one spot to another without losing time in a car, bus, train or airplane.

There are cruises along almost any large river in the world. Some of the more popular are the Nile in Egypt where you can take a look at stunning remains of the center of the world centuries ago. The huge Mekong river and delta in Vietnam will bring you in a completely different culture with its own pro's and cons. Europe offers cruises along the Rhine, Moselle, Volga and allow you to enlighten you with some of the best architecture in the world and boast you with information about historic events. Other well known rivers are the Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi, Rio Grande and the Indus. Some offering day tours but on many you can book multiple day river cruises and sleep on deck gazing at the stars.

Do you need more reasons to plan your next vacation on a boat! Be wild, be unexpected, try something new and take a river cruise to enjoy the world's most stunning civilizations and natural environments.